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Over 20 years trading ...

Over 20 years navigating and trading the markets, we have seen it all and understand how to navigate the markets.

Many successful traders taught ...

If we cant help you make money trading then what good are we? Just have a look at our Black Belt wall and talk with our students in the room.

Our goal is our students ...

We have one concern, that is your ability to take profits out of the markets while keeping your account safe.


In my trading up to when I joined JAM at Strategic Day Trading I had some Ups and Downs more down days than ups Thanks to Jim he taught me his trading strategy/system after six months of hard work and a great teacher/mentor I have become a black belt. I had a lot of bad habits that Jim spent time with and helped me break! Now I am at a place in my trading with Jim's course/system I am able to trade profitable now without any stress and and to be patient with my trading. Thank you Jim for not giving up on me and taking me to profitable trading.

Brett from Sydney Australia

A bit about Us...

Our goal is to help all of our traders become profitable! ...

JAM brings 20 plus years of education and trading with him as he walks you through trading in an easy to understand way. JAM will walk you through his trade setups using confluence areas for high probability trading and will trade in the room each day with you while he teaches you the ideal times to trade and when you should stay out. Jim McQuarrie, aka JAM The Trader, is a highly motivated and detail-oriented trader and management professional with 20 years experience in screen-based trading, trading systems, and educational programs designed for self-directed traders around the world. JAM's trading experience includes equities, options, trade and money management, trading system development, mentoring traders, trading psychology, and market analysis.

As a business entrepreneur, JAM has successfully built and sold businesses since 1994. While directing his businesses, he also immersed himself as a self-directed trader and quickly built a portfolio of systems and educational programs. JAM's experience as a business professional over the years led him to realize that success as a trader is more than just technical capabilities and analysis to execute entries and exits. Rather, learning how to trade for a living means learning how to trade as a business- with a business plan and disciplined business approach for earning profits. In 2007, JAM founded Strategic Day Trading (, which develops discretionary and automated trading systems and educational programs for self- directed traders around the world. Headquartered in Naples Florida, Strategic Day Trading offers and invites traders from all experience levels to join its live education and trading rooms where they can benefit from the unique Belt Ranking System which creates a path for traders to follow as they wish to progress in their trading careers.

Meet the team...

Our team!

Jim (AKA - JAM The Trader)

Jim McQuarrie

Jim (AKA JAM The Trader) is passionate about teaching traders how to keep safe while learning and developing their trading.

Kat (JAM's wife)

Kat McQuarrie

Kat handles all of our marketing and is a key component so Jim can concentrate on trading and teaching.


Kris Engnell

Kris has been with us for 4 years now and handles all customer support issues.