"Black Belt Program" - Learn to trade the right way the first time!

"Trade For a living" - Learn a conservative trading approach and trade as a business.

An in-depth mentorship trading program like no other!

Key Points

Our members are first...

We have one simple goal! All of our members profitable and thats it. Our program is built around this goal so come in and spend a month with us and see for yourself.

Our system is simple...

Our training methods and system that we trade are simple to learn and simple to master. After joining our Black Belt program, you will have access to private time with JAM as well as live education classes.

One month trial...

We allow a one month trial for $199.00 which can be applied towards the Black Belt system. Lets face it, a week in any trading room is just not enough. By spending a month with us you will have a much better understanding of what we do and without spending several thousand's up front.


Strategic Day Trading has helped me improve my trading big time. When I began here, I began with a lot of baggage, but by working with Jim day by day I have learned the mental process of trading as well as the great system. If you only want to listen I’m 100% sure Jim can take you up to be a profitable trader. I have been with Jim for over a year now and I have always had help and support from Jim and strategic day trading. I am glad I have found this room. Real Member, come in and talk with me or any of our members in the room, most share the same opinions!

Marcin, Chi Town

A bit about our program...

Our program is designed to teach traders the skills and strategies they need to be able to trade successfully, and on their own.

This goes far beyond teaching the simple mechanics of how to make a trade. Chances are, if you are searching for information on futures trading, you already have a basic understanding of how the process works. Instead, our day trading mentor program gives you the skills you need to avoid common pitfalls experienced by traders and maximize your success in the markets. These skills include:

  • Proper planning for entering and exiting trades
  • Management skills for the psychological effects of trading
  • Identification of trade set-ups
  • Money management training for traders
  • When you should stay out of the markets and why
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of chop

In addition, we will teach you the rules of trading, the basic market structure and the keys to discovering when you need to stay out of the market.

How we educate...

We educate our traders so they can form a foundation of trading successfully that will teach them how to deal with risk and keep their accounts safe while learning how to trade as a business. We take safety serious as this is the cornerstone of learning how to trade properly and for a living.

While risk can never be mitigated completely, we can reduce risk significantly with a proper understanding of leverage and money management techniques. Next we set proper expectation for our traders and work with each trader to build a profitable trading plan. Once our traders understand risk and build out their trading plan, they move into dealing with any emotional issues that creep up in trading such as over-trading, fear of pulling the trigger and focus. Once this is complete and the trader is moving through the program, they start to get a comfort level in waiting for the proper trades and not trying to catch every little gyration in the markets even if it means no trades on a specific day. All of this will be achieved through a program that includes live training, a series of modules, live education room, exams to pass through to the next level and one on one time if needed. So come in and join our team and see how we can make a difference in your trading.

Effective training...

Our Black Belt training Program is designed to work quickly, getting you into the markets and seeing success in just a short amount of time. Yet, even when you are in the markets and actively trading, our support continues. With Strategic Day Trading and the Black Belt Program, you get so much more than a one-time mentoring program. Our services include extensive education in trading, as well as one-on-one technical and mindset mentor-ship. We also have live trading rooms you can join to help you learn all you can about trading successfully. In the end, your trading mentor will continue providing support and instruction until you are fully successful and are able to start trading for a living.


Our goal is to provide you with the fastest possible training program to teach you how to trade for a living. We also work to keep costs low, so you can receive this training at an unbelievable price. Through our partnership with NinjaTrader, we have a free trading platform that offers all of the tools and programs you need for effective trading, without the hundreds of dollars other programs require.